"Some very beautiful and original guitar music" - Jonsi, Sigur Rôs


"Great playing, with really nice harmonies and a cool performance style" - Al Di Meola


*Voted by Australian Guitar Magazine (100th issue), in top 25 guitarists for 2013.


"Tim McMillan has an entirely original sense of style and arrangement in his approach to song writing and an ability to play an acoustic guitar quite unlike any other artist I've ever seen". - Adam Monkhouse


"I can't really think of many bands I can use as a comparison to these guys, I've honesty never heard anything quite like them". - Vinushka,


In all honestly, I have never laughed so hard at a gig, a sentiment shared by the people wiping tears of laughter from their faces around me. A cross between Flight of the Conchords and Tenacious D., they are definitely a band I would pay to see several times over".  -


"McMillan has a reputation as one of the best guitarists ever to pluck strings in Australia". - The Age Newspaper, Melbourne


"Australia is well known for breeding Kickarse Guitarists. Angus Young, Tommy Emmanuel, Brett Garsed... Tim McMillan is up there with the best of them".  - Australian Guitar Magazine




*Cole Clark - Melbourne Australia


*Seymour Duncan


*Tim also uses Jim Newman Custom Guitars (Australia)